We've Paused Our Operations.
Grey Snouts is not currently selling products.

Grey Snouts: About the Company and Founders

Grey Snouts was founded in 2020 to help provide mobility-focused products to aging and diversely-abled dogs allowing them to live life to their full potential. We believe all dogs deserve to live their best life and we are committed to selling products that help them and their owners thrive. Grey Snouts provide dog wheelchairs, dog strollers, and ramps and other mobility-focused products helping dogs with various age-related, genetic, injury-related issues.




A love of dogs came into Matt's heart later in life when he began dating his girlfriend Amanda. He also met Duncan, Amanda's 6 year old miniature schanuzer. Their first "date" (..Matt and Duncan's) was a day at the beach with Amanda. Running up and down the beach with each other, chasing birds, and other dogs. Matt knew Duncan was a g'boy. And there was no turning back. Fast forward 3 years and Matt and Matt were discussing business ideas and came upon their mutual passion for pups and pets.

Matt's loved dogs since his childhood growing up in Thailand and Indonesia where his mom often found him feeding stray dogs on the beach.  The love of dogs and all animals is shared by his wife Tammy. The two most recently parented a pair of rescued Greyhounds, Moose & Kaneel.  Moose is pictured below showing his artistic side. Though Moose & Kaneel have since passed, Matt's excited to continue his journey helping out Senior pups, with his partner Matt.