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Best Reviews awarded our Corgi wheelchairs the 'Best Bang for Your Buck' saying we offer simple design in one of the least expensive dog wheelchairs around with a lightweight fit.


Pembrokes and Cardigan Corgis are distinctly separate breeds these days, but the two breeds were often intermingled until the 1900s. The original Corgis, or “kergies,” are thought to have been brought into the central parts of Europe by the Celts, sometime around 1200 BC. "Kergie" literally just translates to "dog" in the Celtic language. With a low-to-the-ground stature, keen attention to detail, and strong body, Corgis were used as the ideal herding dogs for cattle. The dogs sat low enough to the ground that a cow kick would not reach them, and they could nip the heels of the cattle safely and effectively herd large groups. Like all dogs, they are susceptible to certain types of health issues, including limitations with their mobility as they age.

If you're considering whether or not to get a wheelchair for your Corgi that has trouble walking, there are many benefits from letting your Corgi walk by themself.  And if your Corgi has a difficult time walking, then your Corgi may benefit greatly from a dog wheelchair.  Using a dog wheelchair is a really good way to help a Corgi who has trouble walking or needs extra support get around on their own. 

There are many reasons why your Corgi might lose mobility in their legs. It could be as a result of an accident, hip dysplasia, a specific illness, simply old age, other disabilities.  All dogs who have the shorter leg/longer body build are at a higher risk of having issues with their spines, and Corgis do fit this body shape. Vertebral problems are most often related to carrying around too much weight. However, the problem can also be more prevalent in Corgis that have not come from reputable breeders that did not screen their stock for obvious spinal issues. Intervertebral disc disease(IVDD) is a common problem with Corgis, which is related to a breakdown of the cushioning discs between the spinal vertebrae. This can lead to pain and slipped discs that can inhibit movement. Degenerative myelopathy is also common among some Corgis, especially Pembrokes.

When considering a wheelchair for you Corgi, there are several things to consider that will greatly help your Corgi get around, most importantly:  Support Required, Sizing and Fit for the Wheelchair.


Rear Support

The majority of people in the market for dog wheelchairs are buying for Corgi with injured or amputated rear legs. If this is your situation, what you need is a rear-support dog wheelchair. These consist of two wheels at the back with a harness to attach the wheelchair to your dog. They’re suitable for Corgi with strong front legs but no or limited use of their hind legs.

Quad | Full Support

Full-support dog wheelchairs are designed for Corgi who have limited use of all four legs. They’ll still need to have some use of their front legs to move themselves around, but these models can be set to take varying amounts of weight off the front legs (in addition to completely supporting the rear legs), making it much easier for injured or infirm Corgi to move around.

Rear - SitGo

The SitGo,  wheelchair allows Corgi not only to get up and go but also to sit and relax even in their wheels! Made of the same durable, lightweight materials as our rear leg and quad support wheelchairs, the SitGo is the first of its kind to allow for voluntary sitting and lying down.And, because the rear can be lowered, getting your Corgi in the wheelchair—especially if he or she is big and heavy—becomes an easier, no-lifting operation.


Increased mobility.

The physical benefits of being able to be mobile and  exercise include improved stamina,  increased joint flexibility, better circulation and keeping muscles from atrophying. Additional exercise also helps your dog have healthier lungs and heart. 

Health Improvements

By adding a wheelchair to your dog's life, you help them experience things they naturally love to do, like foraging, exploring and even simply following you and being by our side. By increasing your dog's mobility and range of activities, you help him / her have a life that is more fulfilled.

Better state of mind.

By adding a wheelchair to your dog's life you increase his / her ability to do things. Since your dog will no longer be limited to simply laying down, you will see increased alertness level & awareness, better skills in communication and higher levels of confidence. 

Improve your bond.

When you take your dog with you places and aren't limited by his or her mobility challenges, you increase time together and that ultimately makes your dog so much happier.  Having a dog wheelchair helps you include your dog in activities that you may have had to eliminate from their day, such as going to the park, taking them along with you on errands, or simply going for a stroll together.


Measuring your pet to determine which size wheelchair will best fit is the quickest and easiest thing. The only information you truly need to get the right size wheelchair for your Corgi is the measurement from the floor to your pet’s back—at its hindquarters. It’s that simple! 

Depending on your pet’s current capabilities and its willingness to cooperate, this can be a 1-person or 2-person job.If your pet has very little or no rear-limb strength, one person can be the support while the other does the measuring.

Rear Support

Best Sizes of Rear Support for Dachshund include Extra Extra Small & Extra Small

Quad | Full Support

Quad | Full Support size most aligned with Dachshund is Extra Small.

Rear - SitGo

SitGo size best suited for Dachshund

 is Extra Small


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